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University of Miami, FL
Bachelor Degree in Music

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Les Brockmann Music Engineering . Services Full Service Recording Engineering, Score Mixing & ConsultingFull Service Recording Engineering, Score Mixing & Consulting

Les Brockmann is a Los Angeles-based score mixer whose credits include work for motion pictures, television, theatrical venues, the record industry, and ad campaigns. With over 20 years' experience, Les Brockmann offers a full range of services, from pre-production and tracking to live mixing and digital editing. He has recorded sessions for top clients in the music industry.

Studios & Equipment
  • Film scoring techniques, including 5.1 surround
  • Computer audio and MIDI: including ProTools HD, Digital Performer, Logic, others
  • Consoles: Neve, SSL, Yamaha DM2000, Digidesign controllers, Euphonix
  • Can work effectively in any setting, personal studios to commercial rooms and soundstages.
Special Skills & Experience
  • Combines contemporary digital and traditional analog techniques
  • Comprehensive pre-scoring date services, including file prep, tempo maps, etc.
  • Music literacy – reads scores!
  • Ultimate efficiency with live mixing using ProTools backup—Walk out of a scoring date with finished mixes!
Recording, Mixing, Consulting
  • Remote mixing and mastering with Internet delivery – ProTools HD, Digital Performer, Logic, premium plug-ins, file conversion.
  • Hardware and software evaluations and recommendations
  • Studio design, installation, and upgrade – technology, acoustics, ergonomics
  • Can help select the right studio for any budget and technical requirements
Orchestral Recording
  • Experienced specialist in recording acoustic instruments
  • Live tracking of orchestras and bands, including mixing live to stereo or surround tracks with multitrack stems.